Raid Talk: Old School at 80.

January 1, 2009

As I’ve said countless times before, I wasn’t around for pre TBC. I wish I was but.. I wasn’t. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t check out the old raids does it?

The main reason I thought about posting this is because I just read over on WoWInsider that Maghteridon has just been 4 manned! Although that’s an amazing accomplishment, I don’t think it’s the end by far. Although it’s probably not as good as downing Magtheridon, myself and a Mage from my guild 2 manned Onyxia, which used to be a 40 man raid. If in 20 levels you can knock off 38 players, then in BC a 40 man raid you’d knock off 19. (In theory). However, they’re not 40 men they’re 25.. so that means that… well you’d hardly need any. I can’t wait for Illidan to be 3 manned (okay, that maybe optimistic) but still, it would be fantastic.

You can read on the wowinsider post that they just healed through the blast damage from not clicking the cubes. In TBC no matter how well geared your raid was, you had to click the cubes or it was an insta-wipe. For it to now be done with only 2 healers, that just shows how much better the stats are on the new gear that isn’t even end game yet. (No where near!)

Who knows. Within the new year maybe there’ll be tales of Vashj 3 manned or even Kil’Jaeden 5 manned. Actually, thinking about it, Vashj’s adds would be a pain in the ass for any group… Maybe we’ll just stick with the Lurker Below 😉

Goodnight, and watch out for any geysers flying around!
– Xrystal


Evening Special – Wrath at 80

December 30, 2008

Well, after having played through the levelling content of Wrath, I’ve suddenly become really bored. My paladin is level 80. No epics, but I havn’t been on any heroic runs/raids yet either. To be honest, I really can’t be arsed. I wasn’t around for the launch of TBC and as soon as I hit 70 I got carried through Kara and got into my epics before going to a heroic. I’m thinking of maybe cheekily doing the same thing this time around. Wait for my guild to start 25 mans, hopegully grab a few pieces and then go to 10 mans and get more loot there (Due to less competition).

On top of this, I’ve rather gone off PvE. I tried Wintergrasp which  is awesome and hauls in the honor like no tomorrow. Same for Strand of the Ancients. Much fun to be had in a dynamic PvP playstyle, you never know what’ll happen!

So, my current plan of action is this. Level my currently level 70 warlock to 80 (yay -.- ) and then level my Death Knight who has just started in Hellfire Peninsula all the way up to 80 also. From there I’ll probably raid on my warlock, I much rather DPS than Healing, and love my little Gnome! Anyway, by the time they’re all 80, or at least the warlock is 80 my guild will be geared and ready to carry me up once again! My Death Knight will be a fun little thing to do when I’m tired of being the max level.

Wait wait wait… back to Wrath please! So yeah, I’m not thrilled about PvE content, slowly gearing through Heroics to go and raid. Boring! I’d much rather see my character grow fast and awesome through levelling. PvP will be a little thing for when I’m sick of questing for the half hour. PvP will be awesome when I have a pure DPS class at 80 though.

Everyone knows that a tank and healer’s jobs are very tough compared to a DPS, so running lots of heroics shouldn’t be a problem also.

Any of you guys PvP on a lock? or PvE? Send me a comment!

– Xry

Evening Special: Class Teleports

August 27, 2008

Hey guys, sorry I havn’t been writing much lately, been really busy.

I was busy RPing in Goldshire when I decided to go up to the Northshire Abbey. It’s a great building, although hardly used. I created a little macro: “Welcome to the Northshire Abbey friend! I am Vindicator Xrystal, seeking peace in these halls of the light. Is there anything I can assist you with?” and off I went walking about and greeting different players… mostly who were below level 5.

Then I thought, man, I’d like to go and do this at Uther’s Tomb! That idea was a short one because I thought wait a minute, I’m not hearthing to Shattrath, porting to Ironforge then flying over to the Western Plaguelands just to RP on my own, but it would be great if I could just teleport there because I’m a Paladin and have a sort of attunement to the area.

Druids have this, they can freely teleport to Moonglade and Mages can port to cities. So why not the other classes? They could all have their own special area where they can easily get to. So, for Paladins it would be Uther’s Tomb, and I can think of a few more off the top of my head for the other classes. Hunter’s could port to Ferelas, next to Shandris Feathermoon. At first for Rogues I thought SI:7, but that’s in a city so the next option would be Ravenholdt. The only place I could think for Priests would be Northshire Abbey, but I think a nice little thing for Night Elves would be if they ported to the Temple of the Moon. Warriors was a tough one.. the only place I could think of was maybe the Hall of Arms in Ironforge. Warlocks was hard as well, I thought about the Dark Portal, but I think that the Altar of Shadows would be best for them. Finally for the Shamans, the only place I could think of/find was Oshu’gun.

So, any comments about my little idea please feel free to reply!

Peace out ~

The Olympic Games – In Azeroth!

August 8, 2008

Today is opening day of the Olympics, and if you play on EU or Chinese servers like myself, there are a few rewards you can get from the Battlegrounds!

One is a small Chinese Dragon non-combat minipet, and the other is a tabard. This seems to have had a huge effect on the Battlegrounds! When I logged on to Locuna today to grab the tabard and hopefully the minipet check out what I saw:

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MultiGamer: This Week’s Activity

August 8, 2008

MultiGamer is my new category for other games apart from WoW!

There’s been quite a lot of other game activity going on this week. On Tuesday I browsed through GAME (a UK game store) and found a shelf with 2 for £25 on PC games. I was hot on the case and grabbed ET:QW (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – duh!) and Company of Heroes Gold Edition… The Game and the expansion.

I got Company of Heroes because I have two friends who play on it online. So, I get it home and find out there’s a monthly subscription involved. No thanks! Quake Wars is pretty cool, kinda hard to get used to it though. I’ve never really played FPS’s on PC, I prefer my Xbox but I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon enough.

Another new thing happened today. RIP Guitar Hero. Whilst it was a great game, the guitar’s durability really sucked. The buttons stopped working, which got me angry.. I threw the guitar into the wall and it smashed into a million pieces!…. Well.. the neck of the guitar snapped. So no more GH3 for me.

So what does this mean for WoW? Well, since GH3 is gone, I’ll have more time for WoW, but that will be taken away by my two new games. So nothing’s changed!

Early Bird: Leveling in Outlands

August 8, 2008

I once read somewhere that the experience you need from 60-70 is the same needed to get from 1-60. Going off this, in theory it should take the same amount of time. This is incorrect for me and probably most others.

At first, Outlands are great! New, Spiffy quest rewards, lots of exp from quests and mobs and new instances to explore. As long as you know how, you can level to 70 easily. If I spend a lot of time on it and constantly do what I’m about to tell you, I can make about a level day, maybe a little less. Which I think is pretty good going, it’s tough to stay focused and stay on target.

First of all, it’s important to stay rested. It pretty much doubles the speed that you level. Second, do a mixture of quests and instances. Otherwise, you’ll get bored and won’t bother. Do Quest after Quest after Quest. No pussyfootin’ around in between. Whilst you’re questing, stick yourself in LFG. No point in deciding you want to go to an instance and having to wait half an hour to form a group.

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Raid Talk: The Maze That Is Karazhan

August 2, 2008

To start off, I apologize that my other ‘Raid Talk’ post was also about Karazhan but I have to say… my God it’s massive. I remember the first time I went like it was yesterday….

I had very recently hit level 70, changed spec to Holy and had a mere +600 heal. A real life mate got me into ‘Hellfire Heroes’, in hindsight they’re not that great but I can’t exactly criticize them as they got me my first epics. It was a rather large guild, so 3 raid groups were going. It was all very exciting, 30 men on Vent whilst the raid leaders were in their private channel, discussing what was going to happen. I was put into the best geared group, a bit of a carry for me.

It was absolutely awesome. I got two epics going up to Curator, and was having a great time. However, the guild had a set path which they took. Attumen > Moroes > Maiden > Opera > Backdoor > Curator. But there are so many little nooks and passageways which I wanted to explore. Of course, I could go back in once we clear, but I always forget and I end up doing different things. From all the different raiding guilds I’ve been in, it seems they all have pretty much the same route, so there are still some places I have yet to discover.

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Observing The World: Horde

August 2, 2008

I’ve never had a horde char over level 12. I just can’t seem to play them. I guess it might be because my main is alliance, I don’t have any friends on the horde side and I can’t get gold/items over to it.

A couple of months back, for some reason that came from nowhere – I wanted to create and level a horde. So I levelled an undead mage to level 12 and gave up. Today, as a short experiment, I created a female troll mage on Twilight Hammer EU and ran up to Orgrimmar. When I got there, I couldn’t take it. Cows, Undead, Orcs and Trolls saying nice things? “Ty” “lol” “Cow blows undead a kiss”. What the hell? It just didn’t make sense to me. I can’t imagine them as real players with real emotions… I just think of them to be evil and sinister.

This all could be me, or it could be that I play on an RP realm.. But that’s me. Ally ftw, Horde ftl.

New Site Updates!

August 1, 2008

That’s right, I’ve updated the site with a few minor changes. Firstly, you’ll see on the right there is a sidebar now full of widgets. There’s a little search tool, page links, tag cloud and a mini RSS viewer which takes the newest headlines from WoWinsider.

The tag cloud may look a bit strange at the moment, but as the site gets bigger the tags will start to take shape and you’ll be able to see which are the most used tags.

The extra pages link to my armoury profiles, my contact details and my guild’s website.

I’ll also be updating the header when I get back home (which will be Thursday 7th if my calculations are correct).

– Josh